I want to be labeled as healthy.


7 years ago I made the decision to become a vegetarian. It was an innocent decision that lasted for a few years that way. Then it slowly started to become my excuse.  My excuse to not have to eat much.… Continue Reading



For the first time in a really long time I am okay.  I went to yet another appointment last Friday. I was somewhere between ‘dreading it’ and ‘hopeful’. I left actually feeling okay about it all, which is a first.… Continue Reading

Two Years.

Don't lose hope-68

Two years ago today, I started this blog. I started it out of place of anger. I started it as a girl that couldn’t see a future. A girl whose relationship with God was barely there. A girl who wore… Continue Reading

Some hope.

Don't lose hope-67

It’s not the outcome I wanted. I wanted to walk in those hospital doors with a misbehaving Herald (my heart is such a big part of my life, he deserved a name, right?! LOL), and walk out with a well-behaved… Continue Reading

Another appointment. Another day.

Don't lose hope-14

I try my hardest to stay positive. I try my hardest to believe that everything will be okay. But I will admit, there are days I don’t see a getting better in my future. I had another doctors appointment today.… Continue Reading