A Prayer for my Future Husband.

Recently I’ve found myself thinking a lot about my future and who I will marry. I’m sure a lot of you ladies do this as well.

Maybe you lay in bed at night thinking about your wedding day, or just the type of person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. I know a lot of us have seen a guy from the distance, elbowed a friend, and said, I want to marry someone like that. Whether that be because of an action they were doing, an appearance, or just something you saw. I cannot tell you how many times my friend and I have done this. It might seem weird, but us girls are constantly picking characteristics and making lists of what we want our future husbands to be like, even though most of the time we might not realize we’re doing so.

I’ll be the first to admit that the list that I had before I started dating is completely different now that I’ve met some guys that have changed my outlook on this. So I’ve decided to put together a little prayer for my future husband. And maybe this prayer/list is something you can relate to, or maybe you desire different things. I urge you to write a list down, not so that you are searching for these things, because I do believe that when it’s meant to be it’ll happen, so you don’t necessarily need to write these on a sticky note and read it every time you meet a guy to see if he matches, but use these as a way to keep your heart focused on the things you desire, and don’t let people change your hearts desires. I did that many times, and looking back I wish I would have stood firmer on my beliefs and desires.

I’m writing this prayer out to you because these things hold a very special place in my heart. Starting out, I’d like to make note that my faith is very important to me. Without my faith in Jesus Christ, I have nothing. This is not an ultimatum, and I will not allow my relationship with Jesus Christ to be pushed aside. With that being said, I pray that you stand firm in your faith, and that you love Christ more than you love me. I don’t want you to ever choose me over Him. That’s not how it should be. I want my husband to practice what the Bible states, and to stand firm on his beliefs. I want a relationship that has a foundation in this. I pray that you are honest, and trustworthy. Those are two simple words, but they are vital to a lasting relationship. I promise to be honest with you about every aspect of our lives, and I pray you do the same. I pray that you admit when you’re wrong, even when you feel as if it may hurt me. Lessons learned will help strengthen our relationship, so it’s okay. I pray that you are slow to anger. I pray that you believe in the career you have established. I pray that you love family, and that this holds a special place in your heart, and that you welcome my family into yours. I pray that you act like the man that you would want our future son to act like. I pray that you believe in yourself, and understand your worth. I pray that you see the value you have, and what you mean to me. I pray that you wake up every single day excited to wake up next to me. I pray for you every single day, and I’m so excited for our paths to cross. I know you are a man of God, and you’ll lead an amazing journey in this life, and I cannot wait to stand by your side. This is my prayer, and I cannot wait till we meet face to face. Amen. 

Praying for our future spouses are very important. Some might think it’s crazy to think about someone you have not even met, but I believe that praying for them is not only important for them, but for yourself as well. You should also be praying for yourself, and that you become the woman that your future husband deserves. 

I love this quote below, because dating is not something to take lightly. Marriage is the goal of dating, and if you’re dating, then you should be considering the characteristics you want your future husband to have. 

“When you’re old enough to date, you’re old enough to consider marriage. Dating isn’t something you do to have fun or waste time. It’s a decision that is made to begin the process of a decision that you will commit to for life.” – Jamie Grace

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