They are beyond grateful.

Donating blood, organs, or anything else has always fascinated me, especially after struggling with my heart. I have a condition that no one can donate something so simply, and help me get better. If they could, it would be amazing- but no one can. So I think of it in that perspective. I’d want someone to do this to help my condition, so if I can, I will do whatever I can to help someone else with whatever their needs may be.

I used to absolutely love donating blood- just knowing that I could help someone, somewhere, survive.

It was actually me donating blood that we noticed I had an extremely high HR. I was 16.

Two years later I was first diagnosed. I was 18. 

Five years later I am still being diagnosed. I am now 21. 

If I never would have given blood five years ago, in the school gym, I never would have been alerted to my heart rate, which is now showing to cause a lot of problems. So in a way, donating blood, to save someone else, kinda saved me from having my heart continuing to be damaged unknowingly.

It helped two people. Myself, and some stranger out there that needed a blood transfusion.

Today, my school had a Bone Marrow Registry set up, and I was excited to take part, and register to hopefully be the match the someone needs in the future. Unfortunately, my condition is on the list of, “do not allow to donate”. 

I have been turned down in the past for donating blood, and now this. This is yet one more thing that Herald (the name I’ve given my heart), is stopping me from doing. 

But even though it’s stopping me from donating for medical reasons, I hope that others will take the time to donate, whether that’s blood or bone marrow, or whatever your heart desires. 

I never knew how important blood donation was, and why it mattered. Now I do understand the importance of it, and how much of an impact it has on families. 

If someone could donate something to cure my condition, no words of gratitude would ever be enough, so I take that into account, and I know that the people that receive donations (whatever they might be), are beyond grateful, and you’re doing an amazing thing.

So for that one person that needs your help, and for me, please considering donating. 


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