The number on the scale is just a number- not your worth.

Yesterday I shared a post on facebook. It was about a young women who now knows her self-worth and the love of Jesus, and happens to weigh 50 lbs more than she did previously during the years of her struggles and unhappiness.

Someone made a comment on the post I shared saying that they are tired of women saying they only love themselves when they’re fat, and that it’s their way of making excuses to eat unhealthy [or in their words, like crap].

This saddens me because we live in a society where women [and men] are made to feel unworthy based on their appearance. For some reason the world thinks that skinny = beautiful = healthy.

I believe healthy = beautiful. Skinny doesn’t need to be in the equation.

I also believe any size and number on the scale=beautiful.

My response to anyone that thinks being skinny is a means of happiness- you’re wrong.

I’ve gained 30+ lbs the last few years but I am healthier now even though I weigh more. In high school I weighed myself I wrote it down, and kept a chart. If I gained even an ounce, that would dictate what I would eat [if I would even eat at all]. I became a vegetarian so I’d have a reason to cut out the majority of food options, and it would be an easy disguise for my eating habits. This lasted 8 years. Why? Because the numbers on a scale are what society says rules our worth.


The pictures above might not look different to you, or maybe they do. The left is the version of me that was not healthy, and withholding food to try to keep the weight off. The right is me, healthy, and 30 pounds heavier. First of all, looks should not matter. The number of inches around your waist does not mean you deserve any more or any less love. The number on the scale is just a number, not a defining moment.

Today I am the healthiest I have been in a long time. Two years ago I gave up those habits and started treating my body better and fueling it with food again. When I weighed less, it was from starving myself for days at a time for years. It wasn’t because I was healthy . Weighing less doesn’t equal healthy and weighing more doesn’t mean you eat like crap…. We need to treat our bodies right, and love our body no matter size, and doing so is something to be proud of.