Left vs Right

These are two medications I take daily.

The left is a medication for my heart. It works to slow my heart down and allows my heart rate to be normal around 75% of the time. It doesn’t make my life normal but manageable.

The right is an antidepressant. I have taken it for the last two years to help with depression and anxiety. It allows it to be reduced tremendously. It’s not a ‘happy pill’ but it makes every day a little more manageable.

Both help me daily to be healthy so I can be the best wife and mother I can be.

Yet, the one on the left society says is okay. The one on the right they say is “the easy way out”. Both are used to make me healthy.

One’s goal is to make me physically healthy and one is to make me mentally healthy. But the outcome is the same: I’m alive, and able to be the best version of myself. Society needs to stop shaming people for doing what’s best for them.

Taking medication for mental health is just as important as taking something to make yourself physically healthy. Don’t be ashamed to do what’s best for you. Whether that’s taking a pill everyday, or not. That’s a personal choice and you shouldn’t be shamed for it if that’s something you decide is best for you.

I’m alive, and able to be the best version of myself because of these two bottles.

They are both equally important.

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