Lessons from my first year of marriage.

Tomorrow is one year since I married my best friend. I’ve learned a lot of things in this past year.

I’ve learned that when they say “marry your best friend“, you should take that seriously. I know what it’s like to be mixed with the wrong people, and I can tell you that being in a relationship with the right person is amazing. Being able to wake up next to your favorite person is something worth waiting for.

I’ve learned the importance in finding someone that truly loves you. A person that loves you when you’re mad. A person that loves you when you’re happy, and sad. A person that loves you through the hardest trials of life. A person that looks at you with love in their eyes. Love shown by their actions, and love shown by their words.

I’ve learned the importance of finding someone that you can be vulnerable with. Marriage is full of vulnerability. Marriage is opening up your soul to someone else. To another human being. You have to be okay with letting someone else in. You can’t be the guarded person you want to be, but you have to be one hundred percent transparent.

I’ve learned to enjoy the moments. Whether it’s huge moments, or little moments that might just slip on by. Enjoy life with your spouse and truly appreciate every single second you have with them and this life you have created together.

I’ve learned the importance of conversations. That there’s no such thing as a pointless conversation. Being able to talk with them when times might seem boring, and also have those tough talks that no one wants to have. Being able to openly and freely converse is very important in a marriage.

I’ve learned how once you say “I do” your life is now not just yours. Life is no longer just a me life, but now a we life.

I’ve learned how important it is to tell your spouse that you love them. I love you is three simple words that mean so much. Showing them you love them doesn’t have to be by big gestures, but the simplest ones can mean so much.

I’ve learned that making time for God is very important in a marriage. There’s something special about sitting in a pew next to your spouse on Sundays. Knowing that they pray for your marriage is a great feeling.

I’ve learned to dance through life. Dance in your kitchen. Enjoy those moments of carelessness. Be happy. Smile. Have fun in those moments.

I’ve learned that life throws you pretty tough things sometimes. It can have many hurdles, and sometimes it feels like you can’t get through them. Sometimes it seems like your marriage can’t handle what you’re facing, but I promise you can. Sometimes you just have to hold tight to the promises you made to each other and those vows you said that very special day. 

I’ve learned that you have to fully trust your spouse. Marriage without trust will not last. You must trust them, and they must be able to trust you.

I’ve learned that your first year of marriage will be tough, but exciting. I’ve learned that marriage is one of the best gifts, and being married to your best friend is an amazing blessing.

I’ve learned that everyday your love grows, and every year will be better and more sweeter than the last.



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