I deserve love, and so do you.

I never thought I’d experience love. Not just simple love, but true, never-ending, hard to put into words love. I’ve experienced heart ache. I’ve experienced hurt.

I’ve cried myself to sleep over pointless relationships. I was bullied all throughout school for my appearance and never thought I’d find someone who loved me. I experienced health issues that made me feel like no one would ever want to be with me when doctor appointments are written on my monthly calendar. I starved myself for eight years and never thought I’d find someone who’d understand the struggles of food. I experienced sexual assault so I never thought someone would want to be with someone damaged. I suffer from depression and anxiety and thought no one would want to love someone who has drastic mood swings and sometimes can’t even leave her house alone.

But that changed two years ago. I learned that all those things that I thought made me unworthy of love did not make me deserve love any less. It was just things that proved I found the right one. I found someone that tells me I’m beautiful when my face is breaking out from all the hormones from that time of the month. I found someone that spends nights in the ER with me. I found someone who reminds me to eat. I found someone that truly understands consent and holds me as I cry from flashbacks. I found someone that holds my hand during anxiety attacks, and loves me through my depression. I found someone that truly loves me. Not what the world thinks I should be. But the real, broken me. I have learned my worth, and that I deserve love. And you do too.

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