Why a song might not just be a song [baby it’s cold outside]

There’s been a debate going around about the “baby it’s cold” song, and it’s relation to sexual assault.

I’ve seen people bashing (and I don’t say that lightly) the people behind the debate- the people who find this song offensive.

I personally have never paid attention to the lyrics, but when I saw people posting on Facebook how people are becoming offended by everything, I decided to look into it.

I can see it- why these people would be offended. I can understand their reasoning. I can understand it all too well.

But, I do understand that this song was written in a time where it didn’t have that type of meaning. It was an innocent song, that is now being turned into meaning something else.

But although it was written in a time where it had a different connotation, that doesn’t change what’s happening in today’s time.

People are finally standing up against sexual assault. People are finally speaking out. That doesn’t mean we, as victims/survivors, are offended by everything.

We just might be triggered by something. A word. A sentence. A lyric.

I personally was not affected in this way by this song. I rarely listen to christmas music, so for me, it didn’t affect me.

What does affect me- is flashbacks. Reminders. Which can simply be a restaurant. A word. A smell. A touch.

So I can’t sit back, and say just because this song doesn’t trigger me, it won’t trigger another person. Because what triggers each of us is different.

I saw a parody for this song, saying it was now Me Too movement friendly. The problem with society is that there are jokes being made.

What society needs to focus on is understanding. Understanding that just because it might not seem like a big deal to you, or to me, doesn’t mean it’s not a huge deal for that person that was forced to stay in a room with someone, and no matter what excuses (s)he gave, they just kept pressuring them to stay for their own agenda.

This song might be innocent. Sure, I can see that. But it also can very well be a trigger, or flashback inducing, 4 minute song.

I know what it’s like to have flashbacks over something that another person might see as stupid. I get so frustrated at my brain for allowing memories to seep back in over something as simple (or stupid) as a word. But, I can’t help what my brain does after just one second of being forced into something.

All it took was one second to completely change everything.

I don’t find this song offensive. What I find offensive is society’s reaction to the people that are questioning the song. We have to deal enough with these struggles on a daily basis. We as a community deserve respect, and understanding when someone chooses to speaks up. Even if it’s about a song that they find has questionable lyrics.

Whether or not you agree, at least they are taking a stand against a moment that changed everything for them.