Things I’ve learned about Motherhood.

I love being a mama. I always dreamed of motherhood. I never imagined the choices I would have to make in order to carry a child. I never knew how hard just daily life would be keeping up with an [almost] toddler, and my heart. Although motherhood isn’t easy all the time, it’s been an amazing journey, and I’m so THANKFUL to have the opportunity to celebrate my first Mother’s Day on Sunday. I’m new to the motherhood tribe, but I’ve learned a few things.

You are meant to be their mom. No matter how many times you ‘think’ you failed them- you didn’t.

God placed you as their mama for a reason. You are strong enough. If you are a part of the chronic illness world, you may think you are not strong enough for this motherhood world too- but you are.

You are strong and you are a fighter, and you can be an amazing mom to your little one. It might look a little different than another mom’s journey, but you can rock motherhood too.

You are capable. They need love. On the days where you feel overwhelmed by life, or by a physical/mental illness, just love them. And they’ll show you in their own way how much you are capable of being enough for them. You are an awesome mom. They love you for being you.

Cherish their smiles and enjoy the moments, even if you think they aren’t perfect. Your child adores you, and seeing them smile will remind you of just that. 

You are a superhero. You are their superhero.


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