• A Letter To You.

    A letter to you, It’s 3am, and I’m writing this, which means you probably should be okay dating someone who goes to bed late, and sleeps till lunch. Be okay with getting a text message at 1am when my mind is wandering and I have a question or comment to share. Be okay with documenting our memories. Don’t get annoyed when I want to take a picture. I just want to remember this moment. A memory, with you. 

  • You got the man, and I’m jealous.

    The love of my life is standing in front of me, he kneels down, and removes a box from his pocket, and opens it facing me. The ring is beautiful, just like this moment. It’s everything I ever could have imagined and in that moment, I know God orchestrated this. He planned each second, and it’s amazing. I’m happy. Except, that hasn’t happened yet. No, don’t cross out yet. It will happen, just hasn’t yet. I feel like we’re in the middle of ‘everyone change your status to in a relationship on Facebook, and let’s post our new engagement ring photos, and such’ season. My feed is being filled with rings, and…