You got the man, and I’m jealous.

The love of my life is standing in front of me, he kneels down, and removes a box from his pocket, and opens it facing me. The ring is beautiful, just like this moment. It’s everything I ever could have imagined and in that moment, I know God orchestrated this. He planned each second, and it’s amazing. I’m happy. Except, that hasn’t happened yet. No, don’t cross out yet. It will happen, just hasn’t yet. I feel like we’re in the middle of ‘everyone change¬†your status to in a relationship¬†on Facebook, and let’s post our new engagement ring photos, and such’ season. My feed is being filled with rings, and I’m jealous. I hate to admit it, but if we’re being honest, I am. And if you’re single, you probably are too, as much as you might not want to admit it. We live in a society now-a-days that says happiness equals relationships, and being single will never equal happiness. What if I told you society was right? Being in a relationship brings such a fulfillment that being single normally never brings. And that’s not saying that having a significant other will make you happy, but society is making it […]

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